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What is the cost for the Labor Rising program to come to the State/Local Building Trades/District Council location?

Typically a range of $475 to $625 per participant and depends on program structure, expense of research and travel expenses for instructors to host location. There are also discounts for additional participants from the same local which attend.  A minimum of 8-10 participants is needed to schedule the training and availability of dates.

How can we pay for the class?

Checks and credit cards accepted at conclusion of class and/or Labor Rising can invoice participating State/Local Building Trades/District Councils.

Typically most Building Trades pay for 1st participant from the affiliate locals in their Building Trades/District Councils and Labor Rising collects payment/sends invoices to any additional participants in attendance. Some Building Trades host and co-ordinate the training and Labor Rising collects payment and/or sends invoices to all in attendance.  The Building Trades/District Councils option.

How long is the program?

Typically is 2½ to 3 days in length. Labor Rising will work with any 3 day combinations. Program is a custom build program for the Building Trades/District Council we are training at. Labor Rising has 2 levels of training, Foundations & Advanced. The on-site program typically is a hybrid program and reflective of the specific conditions germane to the specific Building Trades/District Council we train at.

What facilities do we need if we want to host a class?

A Local or Building Trades facility or apprenticeship training center large enough to host the group plus some additional room for chart development of each participating local’s market. We also need a strong wi-fi connection to power the i-pads/laptops, and access to a large display/projector.

Doesn’t our Local/International already offer this training?

Respectfully chances are zero that our integrated program is taught anywhere unless it has been copied. Also Labor Rising is NOT a re-tread program of top-down, bottom-up, corporate campaigns, Breslin or any type of pressure campaigns. They do not work as strategies and are tools. Labor Rising is a wholly integrated program of market development to go after the entire market and not 1 or 2 contractors at a time. It also heavily targets the business plans of the end-users, construction managers, general contractors and sub-contractors.

Is there liability here? Can we be sued?

No more or less than what you’re are already doing now which is losing market share.  Typically the Labor Rising programs maximize the leverage that can be used regarding the business plans of the anti/non-union and adds heavy amounts of legal 21st century technology to it. Unfortunately these words also are used by poor market development officers and/or organizers to not try something new. Politicians use these words all the time, Leaders find out the answer and act!

Do you have references?

448 trained to date, 4 states and scores of local building trades/district councils trained with an overall excellent rating. Please check our website for the scores of testimonials listed on the right.

Where do you get the facts and figures that you quote?

A prime source for most of Labor Risings market numbers and trends come from The Construction Chart Book, 5th Edition – with full cites and sourcing, paid for in part by our Building Trades.